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Active scouts/parents, please follow the below instructions in order to create a personal account in order to have web & mobile app access to their advancement activities.  Once an account has been created (via the web), then the credentials will then be available to log into the account via the mobile app.  In the set-up process, please select your scout’s name only.

By using the mobile app, all of the current activity will be available to see.  Also there is a handy access to all of the Merit Badges & requirements.  Please understand that the TroopMaster Web is not the most intuitive (Mobile App is easier) but it gets the job done.

With your permission, please assist your scout in attaining the TroopMaster App and logging in.  We will be helping the scouts better understand its use during our meetings.

TroopMaster Account Registration

   1.      Go To:

   2.      Enter the following info in order to Log into the Troop 17 account (Case Sensitive):

1.      UserID:  T17Scouting

2.      Password: BurlingtonNC

3.      Press “Login” Button

   3.      You will now be able to create your personal scout account.  ID & PW can be simple to remember.

1.      Fill-in the blanks

2.      User ID:  (Your scouts Last Name)

3.      Password:  (Create an easy to remember)

4.      Name & Email

5.      Select ONLY your scout’s name.

a.      Only scouting advancement records are available (No other personal info will be available)

6.       Press “Create Account” Button at bottom.

7.      Save your personal log-in info for later use (you will need it for the web & app).

   4.      You will now be able to Log-into your new personal web portal.

   5.      If there are any problems or changes in the individual accounts, we will be able to make changes in the Admin Account.

TroopMaster Web

The website is not the most intuitive but for purposes of accessing your scout’s info I will direct you to several reports. Keep in mind that you will still see many of the “locked out” pages.  This website is primarily designed for administrator purposes.  Scout access is a “read only” and additions/updates cannot be made.  The main area if interest is under the Reports menu option (feel free to look around though).

   1.      Click on the Reports Menu option (this will give you all the current Activity & Advancement information)

1.      Awards/Advancement – “Individual History”

a.      Select your scout

b.      Select all the “check boxes” on right (i.e., Earned MB List, etc.)

c.      Press OK

There are various other reports that can be viewed at your leisure but the Individual History is the most helpful at this point.  Future improvements will come in time.

TroopMaster Mobile App

   1.      Download TM Mobile (Troopmaster) from your mobile app store

   2.      Touch the Settings Menu and enter the following information (upper right tool)

1.      Server: TroopMasterWeb4

2.      Customer#: 1415

3.      User ID: Your new ID

4.      Password: Your new PW

   3.      Save Changes (It will then take you to the “Sync” page)

   4.      Sync database (this will require a data connection)

1.      TroopMaster App is an “offline” app and requires you to manually update (sync) your data from time to time to see the most current information.


Keep in mind that the information shown is “read only” and in some cases you will see the ability to enter info but the app will not allow for updates to the data server when sync’d.  This app has a lot of uses and we have not completely input everyone’s personal data (don’t worry about that).  At the moment, we use this database for tracking all of the scouts activities and advancements and will be making further updates over time.

We hope you enjoy and appreciate this access. Over time, the tools will be improved and updated for all our convenience.

As always we are here to help.